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My predictions for 4X14 and 4X15

Much of this is up to what happens in Kurt and Blaine’s post-sex talk scene. We know there’s no cliffhanger for them and we know it’s supposed to be bittersweet. 

My belief is Kurt and Blaine chose to have sex “one last time.” They’re best friends, they love each other, they trust each other. They’re magnetized to each other and can’t bear to stay away. I’m sure they promise in the end to always be each others best friends and believe that being intimate is the best for releasing all their feelings for each other. 

Of course instead of releasing the feelings in one last big bang their affection and love for each other will resurface. We all know how Kurt feels toward sex and it being an exceptionally intimate and revealing experience. Kurt and Blaine are not having sex in this episode but making love (cheesy as it sounds). Though they may not say the words, they can feel them and know them in their hearts and minds. 

In the morning afterward they feel an obligation to go by what they previously said, that it was the only time it was going to happen and they are happy and have no regrets. The bittersweet part will be, in my opinion, that they obviously love each other but don’t get back together, both feeling it’s for the better if they try to push their feelings back (we saw how well that worked before, though, not very successful there boys). 

In 4X15 I’m not quite sure we know much of Blaine’s storyline. We do know however Santana evokes a confession from one of her roommates and this could possibly be Kurt admitting he had sex with Blaine and is still in love with him. Of course, we all know Come What May is in this episode, as well.

Because we know their is a snow storm that gets them all hauled up in their apartment I have seen a lot more pessimism in terms of Come What May being a dream sequence. I can see either at the moment honestly, even Blaine coming to New York despite a snow storm. 

There are several reasons I can still see Come What May not being a dream sequence. In the script we saw Kurt is torn so obviously this wouldn’t be a Blaine dream sequence because if he was dreaming it Kurt would be happy. And also, I’m not quite sure why Kurt would be torn in his own dream sequence, so that gives me some doubts. Also before the scene starts we saw a line that read of Finn’s fire to find Emma burning hotter than ever. We jump from that straight to dream sequence? In every dream sequence on Glee we’ve received the person who is having it have some sort of scene beforehand or normally some indication that it’s a dream sequence (correct me if I’m wrong, none jump to mind immediately). So there’s most likely a scene prior with a note or something along those lines telling Kurt to come to the roof. (Also there was shown snow on the set of CMW, which also adds in to the whole snow storm happening). 

However I do believe that Come What May has a dream sequence in it. By that I mean, Kurt and Blaine truly are singing to one another and in their minds they’re transported to a beautiful, romantic location, matching the emotions they feel for each other — that when they’re around each other this is what the feel like.

Also, 4X15 was originally supposed to air on February 14th as well. Ryan tweeted that two couples would reunite on Valentine’s day before the date for the episode was changed. This gives me more confidence in thinking Kurt and Blaine could most likely get back together in this episode.

I can also see Come What May being Kurt’s dream sequence but I’m not exactly sure how it would start off.

And let me just say, I’m not quite sure why people are speculating Kurt kisses/sleeps with Adam this episode? And it’s Klainers guessing/assuming these things. Kurt would not have sex with Adam, a guy he’s not even technically dating, right after he had sex with his ex-boyfriend and is now experiencing conflicting emotions. And personally I don’t believe Kurt’s torn between Blaine and Adam. As I’ve seen many people say he’s torn between Blaine and Not-Blaine. He’s torn between the love of his life who hurt him and is the only one possible who could harm him that way and the safe, (supposedly) reliable choice. 

I know Adam has three dialogue heavy scenes in this episode and I do believe at least one of them is Kurt telling him about Blaine and how he’s sorry but he can’t be in a relationship with him while he’s still confused over his feelings for his ex-boyfriend. 

I know some people think Adam’s somehow snowed in with al the dialogue he’s receiving, and while I think that’s possible, it also may not be, we never know for sure about these things. Scenes get cut, changes get made.

All in all, I think it’s best to wait until after ‘I Do’ to guess what’ll happen for Kurt and Blaine next. In the future it’s possible GOBR may tell us if Come What May is a dream sequence or not. If it is, I say Kurt and Blaine will definitely be getting back together in that episode. If not, hey, Kurt obviously still loves Blaine (the boy is imagining singing about his eternal love to Blaine, guys). My prediction is that Kurt and Blaine get back together at some point between 4X15-4X17 (considering there will be another hiatus after this). 

I don’t feel like they’re going to extend the drama much longer. It’s already going to be hitting a peak by singing Come What May. Obviously, Kurt and Blaine will get back together eventually. It’s just been set up that way by the writers. We’ve seen Kurt and Blaine’s relationship build and then collapse and slowly be rebuilt again, Kurt slowly starting to forgive Blaine, admitting he still loves Blaine, renewing their friendship and now we come to a climactic point. The writers would not be spending so much time developing this only to throw their show’s greatest power couple (not to mention their inspiration to the LGBT youth) to a midgame ship that can hardly be called a midgame because their is no actual relationship involved. As I’ve said before, Adam is a plot device. One for Kurt to realize he loves Blaine and will only love Blaine.

I know I rambled on there for a while, but my mind was jumbled with thoughts so I just had to get them out there. Congratulations if you read all this and thank you! Klainers don’t worry, don’t lose faith in your ship! Klaine is endgame!

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